Hey, I dont know much about how to customize guitars or what will work or not so I figured Id ask the people who do. I recently bought a standard white strat. I like the blink-182 sound alot so im going to buy the duncan humbucker invader and get the Tom Delonge pickgaurd. Will it work to take out the other pickups and knobs and just have have the invader and the volume knob. I want the TD strat but couldnt find one so I figured Id make my own copy. Thanks.
You can wire the guitar to only use the bridge pickup, if that's what you're looking to do. If you don't know much about it, have someone else do it though. In my early days, I opened the guitar up, snipped the wire halfway tot he bridge pickup, then attatched the new pickup's wires to that and soldered/elec taped it. It was ghetto, but it worked when I couldn't afford the work. As far as taking out the tone knobs - why? Just leave them there and don't touch them.
yes, it will WORK. but just because it's an invader doesnt mean you'll get his EXACT sound unless you're playing through his same amps and effect systems. if i were you i'd leave the pots and knobs in. and dont snip the wires like that other guys said, that's **** quality. learn to solder. it's not difficult.
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Yeah you would need (I think) a Dual Recto. It's not that difficult to wire it.
^that's the wiring diagram, very simple.
You might want to use a different pickup, the invader isn't all that great. He uses a Gibson Dirty fingers pup on his 335, that one is pretty good. A SD SH-5 or 6 would be good as well.