Hey all UG'ers
I was looking at an LTD Viper100fm the other day at the local guitar shop but I do not know enough about ESP + LTD It is used but in good condition and is being sold for $180.00 canadian.
Are these decent enough to gig with ? I am thinking maybe with a pick up swap??

I have several guitars already which include a Gibson Les Paul Classic. Hagstrom Swede. Some custom strat types and a Univox LP copy among others. I use a Fender FM65r or an Ampeg vt22 for Amps. I play mostly Classic and Hard Rock with some Sabbath and Metallica thrown in.

Any comments would be appreciated.
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Hmm, LTD's below the 400-range generally aren't very good...

You can try it out, see how you like the feel and playability.
I tried it out Yesterday seemed to play well but nothing special.
The only reason I was thinking of getting it was (a) the price and (b) I wanted something like an SG but I donot like the basic Gibson shape and these are slightly diff looking.
I am only interested in Guitars that are suitable to play a show with now as I already have a couple of cheapies lying around.
What I really need to know is how well they are put together and will the toggle switch cut out after a ltttle bit of use.
I can swap out the pickups and electronics easily enough but if I have to do a complete overhaul to make it stage worthy then I don't want it.
pics of gear updated on profile 11/16/09