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Ok, lets go.. critting as I listen

The intro was awesome, and the slide guitar sounded amazing, very good touch there.. The wah wah guitar immedieately made me think of three hot 19 year olds doing a lesbian threesome ..

Dude, awesome, though Hey, love doctor was cathier but this one has more melody and funkyness in it..

Good job man
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wow, this is awesome.

I don't about the vocals.. they seem slightly off, especailly the first line. Certainly gets better as the song goes on.

The slide and wah sound absolutely fantastic. The drums make the recording sound so huge, and the bass just fits in perfectly. This is an awesome recording, mind if I ask how/what you recorded this on/with?

The only thing I can really think.. I don't know, at the end of the vocal lines, during the second half of the melody, it feels a little too empty. Like you're letting the instruments die out.. you should let the guitar carry on or something. That's probably personal preference.

And the solo thing was epic.

One of the favourite things I've heard on here in a while, great job.
thanks man...i used fl studio for the drums, audacity to record and mix everything...my pod x3 through my amp mic'd with an sm 57 straight into my computor's stock sound card. nothing fancy! i know what you mean about the vocals...i may redo them.
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hey step out side :P:P hm i liked that bit and the wah/slide guitar which follows it, i liek your vocals, but sumtimes they are a bit quiet overall really gd, the step outside bit is really catchy the solo is nice, but maybe some chord backing to it would really make it

u sed you made the drums of fruity loops, how did u get the drums in time with the recroding in audacity, did u like export them as midi and then put them in audacity???

again another awesome song. the quality of your songs are amazingly good. alot of cool different sounds on here. the slide was a nice touch and fit in perfectly. great job, keep up the good work
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dude nice, kinda has a red hot chili peppers meets muse in spots if you know what IM saying. Your voice kinda reminds me of Trevor from The Whitest Kids You Know, definitely fits the song well though, and I like how the two vocals are completely different adds a weird but cool effect, and the wah pedalling is nice as well, Overall I really liked it, maybe you could throw in a fast section for some more variety, but other than that, pretty cool. And thanks for the crit on mine.
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This has a really cool sound, unique. The heavy drums work well with the reverb. The bass is tight, I like it. The guitar sliding up in the background reminds me of a southern/bluesy songs, almost like a train or harmonica.

I was expecting a little more funk from the solo. Sounds good, but with a cool groove like this, try to be less white.

I also thought the vocal style was neat and fit the your style well, kept it original too. Where does your vocal influence come from?

Overall, that was really nice and I enjoyed it, great work
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i just heard the most amazing solo ever. it's in a song called "holiday" by green day. its even harder than some of blink 182s stuff!! im gonna learn this solo right now! give it a listen, its really good sounding and not too easy.
umm...well actually i'm really digging the john butler trio atm, but also pretty standard stuff like the chili peppers. also, pretty much all the spoken words in the chorus are influenced by Victor Wootens live in america cd.
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that was pretty good..i have to say tho that it sounded AWFULLY like a JBT song...cant think of the name off the top of my head but especially the line "step outside..." i beileve their song Good excuse goes "step outside see whats shaking in the real world" and it has the same overal theme as your song...additionally the line "grooving up slowly" is taken from Come Together by the beatles...which is funny cuz JBT frequently covers that song...so back to my point ...im not accusing you of copying or anything cuz the song was actually very much differnt i just noticed the similarties in your song and noticed JBT was one of ure top myspace friends and it kinda made me think of my songs cuz i always kinda notice when i finish writing that they resemble a song (or blend of songs) that ive been listening to a lot recently...so yea...idk...just felt like sharing my thoughts lol and was wondering if maybe you had that song in mind when you wrote this song

EDIT: Lol just saw that you mentioned JBT above so i guess i was on too something btw if u ever have a chance to seem em live do it...i went a few months ago defintly the best concert of my life
Had a really cool rythem all the way through it, loved the way you used the wah to its potential. The vocals were pretty cool might want to change it up a bit but still really cool. You might want to make the vocal track louder and the guitars in the backround a little louder as well as the wah, but definitely still REALLY well done reminds me a little of RHCP but still sounds new and fresh.

Please crit mine

i actually liked the mix on this one...the chorus was meant to be very bass dominated, so the wah guitar is more like an accent than a word by itself.

thanks for checking my music out!
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Dude this is amazing. Vocals are awesome, great feel, great tone to your voice.
bass and guitar were funky as hell. Great quality too

I love all your other stuff too.
thanks man! if you have a myspace, send me an add...i'll look forward to hearing more stuff from you
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Damn, this really was good. I can really see the influence from John Butler Trio.

I love the slide guitar, it was a really nice touch. The groove in this song is what I really liked most though, and I agree with what's already been said about the vocals. Where this really shines is in how tight everything is in working together, in my own opinion. What this actually reminded me of, and I don't even mean this in a bad way, was porn music... but really well done. It's also refreshing to hear wah done right.

I'll have to try and take hints from you in better quality recording, because you did a really good job.
Quote by GuitaringMike
I really enjoyed listening to it i thought the song was really catchy, everything worked really well in the song and the mix was really good as well all the instruments came through really clear.

what can i improve?
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type as i listen

awesome beginning, nice and funky, kinda sounds reggae as well.

bass work is nice, as is guitar work, but maybe try and give the guitar a stronger strum work, like a more funky strum pattern with some mutes and such.

i like the wash prettty sweet.

vocals are eh, they fit the song perfectly, but they seem to become monotone a little too much for me. maybe it was the layering you did with it?

ya the guita defenitly needs a bit more funk to it besides the reggae feel you have going.

solo was pretty cool, added a nice touch. structure of the song was pretty typical, but oh well :-D

overall, i feel like you made a really cool and original song, but it could be spruced upo a bit more with a funkier guitar line, and maybe less distortion parts??

cfc? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=813584
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Definitely got a groove going on, love that. Love a music that acutally has feel.

ONLY bad part...vocals...sorry but they're just kind of annoying. the tune and the way it's sung...meh

The main riff though, the combination of bass, guitar and the slide guitar way up is so nice. Bass could be more intresting thuogh, I think. I also think the drums would benefit from being less powerful with the snare all the time.

I woudl have preferred a solo that was more rythmic, emphasised what was going on in the rythm section taht what you did. Though the solo was perfectly fine.

Still, was relaly good, one of the better things I"ve heard on here.
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It reminds me of a local band called C24C. They're on myspace as well... and they kick butt live.

http://www.myspace.com/c24c It's not the same... but the feel is similar. Check out "Never hoped for bad"

I really dug you songs. I was grooving right along to this one, and went right on into a few more. Nice work on this stuff. Keep it up!

Check mine out? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=812259
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thanks guys....i think i've critted everybody, but let me know if i haven't
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