hello there UG

I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on places to ski? i am hoping to take my G/F skiing over xmas and if any of you guys had any favourite areas in Europe.
Budget of bout £750 per person.

let me know where to avoid and any places to check out seriously

Cheers guys
I would (just an opinion) go to a place that includes both a hill, and snow.
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The Alps are your best bet
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La Plagne. Great resort.

Or Chamonix, Flaine, Les Deux Alpes, Alp d'Huez...
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Verbier has imo the best skiing out of the places ive been, a bit expensive though considering your budget. Val dísere is overrated imo. St Anton is a good choice, excellent skiing, fantasitic nightlife, probably the best after-ski in the world and pretty cheap.

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Paso del tonale in italy. Beautiful resort, excellant slopes, and even more excellant people. And the pizza is epic
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I'm going to Cervinia, Italy, with my family for the 3rd time this year. We generally change place every year but it really is a great resort. There's lots of stuff to do in the town, great snow, great runs, and you can pay for a pass across to Zermat in Switzerland for a day or two if you get bored, and that more than doubles the amount of slopes you have access to. Nice place
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Just be sure to remember when to french-fry and when to pizza. If you french-fry when you should have pizza'd, you will not have a good time.
One question, why don't you get some brochures instead of asking UG.

But anyway, there's a place in Sweden called Vemdalen which is great depending on your skiing level. Might be a bit expensive. Check out any of the main alp countries, Austria, France etc I'm going to Saalbach Hinterglem in Austria next week which looks really good.
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One question, why don't you get some brochures instead of asking UG.

because i wanted ure opinions and then i can check them out for myself
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My boyfriend's sister recently went to a Slovenian resort, she said it was really good because the tourists have only recently started coming there so it's really quaint and un-commercial... I think it was around £200 per person too.