Has anyone every played one of these guitars? They look pretty nice, especially since I was looking at an EC-1000 but the price of those racks up a little high plus this model has from what I can tell, a completely smooth neck joint, which is something that has annoyed me about LP style guitars for a while.

Can anyone shed some light on these guitars as I haven't heard much about them, what are the pickups like? Active pickups powerd by 2 AA batteries sounds a little...cheap to me, I'd probably switch them out for some passives anyway though.
Funny words.
I really want this guitar, but they don't sell them in the US. They look pretty sweet though. They 300 and 400 models play like butta. Plus, Nick Hipa from As I Lay Dying uses them and his tone is sick!
The ARC300 I have probably plays similar. Mine has passive pickups. The neck is fast and the workmanship is amazing. The original set up was off and I had my local guy re-set it up, now its crazy.