Hey everyone, I am writing a paper about the independent music revolution with regards to the digital music industry. I have a lot of good sources for the independent side, but part of my argument is about hte corruption of the mainstream music industry and the major labels. I was wondering if anyone had any good sources for me to use for this part. The more scholarly or professional (from a good source) the better. Thanks a lot.

that one is by courtney love, slightly outdated but should be still relevant in general.. that was the only one I can remember that really broke down the numbers for you.. I wanna say trent reznor had an interview where he broke it down shortly before his label let him go but I couldn't find it.

good luck
ther was actually an article on UG recently about the indie takeover and the need to revoltutionize the way music is advertised and sold... im not sure if thats exactly what ur looking for but il try to find it anyway.
chillbeast thanks for that article, it is really helpful, and tim that would be great if you can find it. Thanks a lot
welll.. i couldnt really find it, i think its from a month or so back in the news section of the updates, but i couldnt really stay focused long enough to find it haha. sorry