How is everyone doin? I was just wondering if sum1 wud b so kind as 2 maybe elaborate on Tabs for me. For instance this one song i got a tab 2 (Stupid Boy) its got xs and 2pOs and i am so lost. Thanx 2 any1 that can explain that 2 me.
1. learn to type normal
2. tabs forum

changes are I take 2. back if you do something about nr. 1
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X's are mutes. hold your fingers over the strings with your left hand and pick normally with your right. 2p0 means a 2nd fret pull off to an open string. hold your finger on the 2nd fret, pluck the string, and release the 2nd fret so you can hear the open note.
X's are mutes so lightly cover the strings with your fretting hand and strum to get a muted sound.

I'm assuming you mean 2p0. Which is when you hit 2 then take your finger off that fret so it moves to the sound of an open strum.
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try the n00b forum or tab forum...
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