I wrote this last night and it kinda hit me. Hope its dope lol cause i think it is. Its only 2 mins so i plan on expanding it a bit later. Note: If you like dark changed to light then sad music check out my songs
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It's not often I find music that is both frenetic and relaxing at the same time, but you've somehow managed to achieve it. The piano parts are great, but some of the transitions like at bar 22, it sounds forced together, and bar 70 kind of just came out of nowhere.At bar 80, was switching it to bass really necessary? I'm confused as to why you did this, as it doesn't exactly benefit the song in my opinion. The cello on this part is somewhat overpowering as well.

But bars 11-22 are great, probably the highlight of the song for me. The piano lead at 35 is excellent as well.

As of now, a 7.5/10 due to it not being finished and some of those little quirks.
First off, thanks for the crit on my song, realy appriciate it.

And now for yours.
The intro was ok. 11-21 was good, i like that kind of thing, when you get a little contrast between light and dark notes.
22-30, why do you start the strings later then the rest, i think it would be better if they start at the same time.I think it was a ok part, but it could be so much better, vary the lead a little bit more. the transition 31-34 is good.
Then you get to 35-48 which i also think you could have had a much better lead on. I know its supposed to be a little dark, but you can achive that without putting the lead totaly out of key, it just sound dissonant., and therefore not good.
49-55 here i think you achive the dark sound much better without being dissonant, maybe it is a little dissonant, but that dosent matter, and it can help it also, it just do not have to be all dissonant, couse then it sounds ****, but this part was good.
56-58 is not great, but its ok.
59-65 is pretty great, maybe the best part of the song. The next part is ok, just dont like the transition to it.
The rest i have critted allready. the end (if it is the end) is not a very good one, try doing something else, even just strung a chord and let it ring out would be better.