Other than some of the disgusting BC Rich shapes, I dunno if I can think of a higher end guitar I'd less like to own than that

Oh wait, yes I can. The normal Dimebag Razorback
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Dear god that's cheap. I've played one and I really liked it. It was comfortable, fast and sounded pretty decent. All these who talk crap about it have probably never played it because it says DIME on it, definitely try it first though.
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Thats not really a sale... $600 bucks is what it should really be priced it... Sorry just my opinion... That is one of the only dean razorback gutiars i like and it does feel really nice.. But still pricey for what it is..
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Great Deal. My friend took back a Jackson RR to get it.

Your friend obviously has bad taste....
All the people posting "it's ugly" or "bad taste", please everyone has their own preference, but please don't post such non-constructive comments.
Wylde Man: I say go to the shop and try it out. You may or may not like the shape/feel.
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He doesn't have bad taste he just loves the sound of the Dean over the jackson. Hes also more into the look than the RR. I enjoy the Razorback more than any RR. Ive never tried the V but I bet its pretty good.