Hi Everyone

I've looked in the lessons section and there is no lessons on how to get decent tones out of a guitar setup - at least not in the beginners section. So I am thinking of doing a lesson that is loosely based around the sticky threads in this forum. My plan so far...


Part 1 - Groundwork
- Getting rid of Crackling pots, Hums, etc.
- Don'ts (I.e always run an amp with a speaker)

Part 2 - Tone from Amp
- What all the knobs on the front of the amp do and how they will affect your music
- Other Technical Terms - 'cutting your mids', etc.

Part 3 - Some effects
- what these do, examples of songs that use them

Part 4 - Tutorial
Settings, playing notes and tabs for introductions to following songs:
- Santeria - Sublime
- Master of Puppets - Metallica
- Pipeline - The ventures?
- Foxy Lady - Jimi H
(I will advise total newbs to get someone else to play for them, the Idea is that everyone will recognise at least some of these songs and see how they can get the tone close)

And maybe some general advice, philosophies, things i wish i knew when i started etc.

This lesson is aimed at as broad a cross section as possible but especially for the person who has just bought a cheap squier starter pack and probably believes that the poor sound is because of their poor equipment when they really could get a much better sound if they knew how.

I will explain or remove as much jargon as i can

I'm only a sort of advanced beginer myself, but i Think that with the help of this forum I could make a really excellent lesson

I will check every fact i am not sure of with this forum and I will post a draft here when I have written it.

Some questions I have already:

Is the effect on the rhythm guitar on Dire Straits 'down to the waterline' a phaser or a flanger effect? (shows just how little i know)

If you are getting a hum because of a cheap cable, is this related to the guitar being poorly earthed?

Sorry If I'm a little slow in replying - I have to actually do some work at some stage today -
Go for it man, it would be a big help to a lot of people if you do it well.

The groundwork section would help me a bit.
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