Is something like this (BH or VJ tube) considered to be better than something like this (Vox modeling with tube in pre amp)? I'm just beginning and looking for a nice practice amp. They are the same price, so I wasn't sure which is considered better. I assume that the BH (or Valve Junior) don't have effects and such. I've searched and read some threads on it but still a little confused.
Well, I only wanted to spend $250-$300 on an amp, so I wasn't sure which was going to be better for practicing.
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Well, I only wanted to spend $250-$300 on an amp, so I wasn't sure which was going to be better for practicing.

Best thing to do is try them both out.

I'm sure BH will be more to your liking
I've got a Valve Junior and a Valvetronix....

The VJ has the better tone but is no where near as versatile as the Vox....
If it's a small practice i'd get a Valvetronix for the features. Because great tube tone wont be on the agenda till you're in the serious stages of being in a band.

Get the Vox
First off, only tube preamps are just ways to sell them. Not really much of a difference all in sound.

All-tube is definantly preferable by me, and alot of people, but there are definantly reasons to buy a solid-state amp, which is the effects they can come with, but at the same prices, since no-effect all tube amps are more expensive to make.

So basically, Tube with no effects: Less variety, better sound
Solid states with effects: Poorer sound, more variety.

Personally, I could care less about the effects if I can't get a good sound, and the sound of tubes is generally accepted as much better.

If you're a beginner, and you're willing to get another amp in the future, I'd actually reccomend the solid-state with effects. As a beginner, you won't be able to hear the difference as much, but you'll be able to develop your tastes, styles, and simply learn about effects and other sounds with the effects that the SS might come with. If you don't want to get a second amp in the future, though, it's you're call, though I'd personally go with the BH. I actually had G-Dec, which had horrible tone, but every effect imaginable. I learned ALOT from the amp, and developed my tastes and playing style with all the effects and sounds it got. But As I got better, i realised the tone was bad, and got the BH.

Try out and compare different possible buys though, before you buy.
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If you know what kind of tone you want I would get the BH or the VJ (if it's the tone you wan't) or if you really aren't sure a modeler like the vox is a pretty good choice to get you acquainted to different effects and tones.
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better tone; less versatile.
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