I was supposed to get the KH1 too, but it wasn't in the box Should be here in a week or so though. Anyway...Both of these modules are VERY cool. More open and articulate sounding/feeling than other modules, the taper on the controls are VERY nice/sensitive and offer plenty of range for all kinds of crunchy goodness.

The KH2 is the lower gain module while the KH3 basically starts where KH2 leaves off. Both can be dialed in for lighter or heavier tones though. They FEEL great to play too.

If anyone is interested in the MTS stuff, definitely check these out if you're wanting a beefy marshall type of tone. We all know the typical KH vibrato/wah jokes but don't let that fool you. Lots of people will dig these modules

:00 to :14 KH2
:15 to :27 KH3
:27 to :30 KH2
:31 to :35 KH3
:36 to :43 KH2
:43 to end KH3
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sounds good bro
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Bit harsh for my liking. That rack set up looks cool though! I have a Studio preamp too!
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Yeah I love the Studio....I don't think I'll ever get rid of that one Here are some full pix:

crazy cool rack setup man!
is that a Vrock???

modules sound cool too, thanks for the clip!
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Smooth gear man... I was going to start a rack collection.. but decided against it. But after seeing your gear i might have to pick up a few things..lol

Which mesa preamp do you prefer.. The Quad or Studio?
I go back and forth but the Studio just sounds a tiny bit better to me. They're VERY close in terms of tone but obviously the Quad wins in the versatility department.