Sail the Nile on a
thin little wooden boat
with a white cotton sheet to catch the wind
and only enough room for me.
Watch lions fall in love
across the water
a golden sunset
dying in their eyes
as I float past
dying in their eyes.
Make it past great monuments
that don't interest me much
I guess I prefer the feel of the water
skimming under my fingertips
to the sight of kings entombed.
Into the city
watch dark businessmen buy lives
across the water
that golden sunset
dying in their eyes
funny how things happen like that.
Then the city and sunset lie behind me
like all things eventually do
and I find myself
on the edge of the ocean
navigating a maze of islands
stood up like an army against me
but I fight my way through.
No waves on the sea
just reflections of the moon
and next week's horoscope
rippling gently
as the bow of my boat cuts onwards.

Before dawn
a storm whips up
throwing water into the heart of me
I bail, bail, bail with my hands
fingers locked tight against the assault
I'm scared.
Sinking sinking sinking with my
lungs giving out
heart giving out
mind made up.

Awake in the warm air
washed up on the shore feeling
like I've so much more to think about.
Quaint little french houses with
quaint little french people
so i guess I've made it across the Med.
Head North
hitch lifts on dusty roads
remenisce on my good fortune
spend a few nights sleeping on hay
next to animals in a tumbledown barn
don't stop.
Make friends with a baker
drink fine wine with him and his wife
the most hospitable people I ever met
don't stop.
Notice the leaves changing
from green to brown
or glowing red in the Autumn light
keep wandering on
a stowaway
on the ship that brings me home.
Home to England
the counties and towns and hills
I know so well from my childhood
I follow the coast
feeling the urgency of the shortening days
those leaves starting to fall
I race them
walking for days and nights and
all the time inbetween
running now
route ingrained in me like my fingerprint
final few miles now
final few streets now
final steps.

Cross the last few inches between us and
take you into my arms
so we can dance,
like I've travelled half the world to dance.

love is a dog from hell.

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this was remarkable.

The end read as if you'd rushed it a little, not rushed, but tried to stop this from being longer than it could be. All i can say is that you shouldn't have, I would have gladly read on even if by doing so I would of read forever.

forever, you say?

This is only the beginning.
that was pretty impressive. i dont think ive read much from you but this was very well written. no complaints
that was great :| Im speechless lol

skagitup said that he would read forever, and so would I. Really good story/poem/ song.

Keep up the good work, man! This was just amazing!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix
Quote by circular.parade
Read out loud, that was stand-out amazing.

I love how you developed, as a writer, Chris. I'll buy your book?

You can have the first copy, just as soon as someone pays me to write it

love is a dog from hell.