I was just wondering if anyone else here finds that a rosewood fretboard gets too 'sticky' or 'grippy' after your hands start to sweat? Not like dripping sweat, but the natural oils in your hands after playing for 20-30 minutes, and getting a bit of grime on them.

Yes I wash my hands... almost fanatically.

The reason I ask, is I just played a gloss finished, maple fretboard on a Fender the other day, and it played so smooth, regardless of the oil or grime. I have ALWAYS had rosewood fretboards, and just want to make ABSOLUTE sure that I am not crazy... like maybe I overlooked something? I don't know lol I'll jusst feel better if I have a bunch of other people agree.

Anyone else find the same? I always thought the glossy finished would start to stick after a bit, moreso than the rosewood, but I guess I was wrong.
I agree.

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Strange. Someone told me just the opposite the other day. He said that the maple fretboards tend to get more sticky. I like the maple look, but was afraid to get it because of that.
I think starting a club IS in order lol

Ya. It was weird. I was quite surprised, and the guitar played amazing, so I didn't want to let the maple fretboard stop me from buying it.

Just seems like the rosewood absorbs crud, or else the crud gets stuck in the tiny grains of the wood. The gloss on the maple was like a mirror finish.

Someone please chime in you disagree lol Like maybe that only lasts a short while or...? As I HAVE played some that were a bit grippy, not really super clean giutars like this one was, but still..
i play a rosewood fretboard and i don't really notice anything like that. maybe it's becuase im so used to playing rosewood that i'm accostumed to it, but whenever i switch between maple and rosewood or any wood really i can't really feel a considerable difference in "stickyness".
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Well, I only played on maple necks once or twice, but I sure agree and understand what you're talking about.
It does get a little uncomfortable after a while...
do you oil your fretboard?
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One of my guitars has an ebony fretboard and it's much faster/easier to move around than the maple on my strat. I still like both.