I fractured my forearm and now I have to be in a cast for 4 weeks. Its my right arm so I cant pick now. I was wondering what types of things should I be working on while I cant play guitar? Anything I should look up or study? I've tried to pick but its not working cause I cant move my wrist. Or should I just do nothing and take a break.
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or you could practice legato with your left hand.
try to make things sound the same without your picking hand as it would sound with.
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I say use this opportunity to force yourself into focusing on theory, if you haven't in the past. I know I'd need to be in a cast to have the motivation....

And also do legato stuff like other people said, pretty much just do what you can with your left hand. Make sure you keep your calluses strong.
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You could learn theory, pure book theory. You could also work on pure left hand technique. Quite often, I find that I pat my dog or something with my right hand while fretting notes, sounding them by striking the strings hard with my left hand's fingers. This will increase your hand strength.

Edit: The other thing you could do is learn to sing and train your ear. While you don't need a great voice, you should be able to match pitch and sing what you hear in your head. Also, ability to sing means that you're a more versatile musician.