I was messing about in drop d earlier, and i tried doing a power chord whe way i would have done if the guitar was in standard tuning. So basicly i was playing chords like:


or in standard:


I was using distortion, and the chord sounds very dark and evil to me. Almost robotic or something. Anyway i was just wondering if this is actually a chord. I could imagine it being used in drone metal or something.
Let's see: that's G-E-A. 1-6-9. So it's like a G6add9? I don't know. I suck at naming chords .
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Quote by bangoodcharlote
It's X6sus2, but that's not a chord you'll want to stay on for too long.

Your's is G6sus2.

Would you say its ever used at all? Or am i mad in thinking it is usable.