welp, once again i have come to the pit for help on this research paper and im hoping like the other times you will provide useful information for my uncreative mind.

my thesis on the topic of examining orwell's animal farm as a political satire is due tomorrow and i'm kinda unsure of what main ideas or topics i should reach into in my thesis.

help is appreciated =)
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Look in to Trotsky(I think) and Stalin, in Russia, then compare them to the Snowball and Napolean. I would go more in depth, but I read the book 4 years ago, so I dont remember a ton

EDIT: I'll look into my paper and try and find some good thesis Ideas for you

EDIT 2: I looked and I couldnt find my old essays on this novel. I do remember that Snowball is Trotsky in pig form and that Napoleon is Stalin in pig form.

I do know a lot about orwell, he was a socialist and often disapproved of the fact that the British Labour Party was starting to lean towards the Ideas of Stalinism, so many of his novels are written very much against Stalins government and leadership.
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For starters; its spelt 'Due', not 'do'. Dear lord.
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i just read this... idunno how much help i can be of, but i'm taking AP english next year and love english and aced all the quizzes, all that good stuff. the society the animals live in is based on the idea of communism at the beginning, and ends in a monarchy.

i googled "satire in animal farm" and found a good website, too. http://www.123helpme.com/view.asp?id=13181

if you need more just try looking that up
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This is probably the greatest thesis in the history of Animal Farm. So yeah, make sure to work it in somewhere.
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Compare the pigs (Napoleon, Squealer, etc.) change into what they fought against how they got this way and how it compares allegorically to communist Russia. Haha I just read this book a few months ago in school. I win.
btw people i've read the book i understand it i just dont know what specific major concepts i should build the thesis around

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For starters; its spelt 'Due', not 'do'. Dear lord.

thanks, fixed
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well its a comment on communisms failings due to human (or in this case pig) greed. "everyone is equal, just some are more equal than others"

you should really look at how Stalin came to power, should help.
Mmm, Trotsky. There's a revolutionary I wouldn't mind porking.

Porking, Trotsky, Animal Farm, Snowball?

Sorry Cody
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Trotskey: Snowball
Napolean: Stalin
Jones: Czar Nicholas II
Foxwood: Britain
Old Major: Marx-Lenin
Moses: Russian Orthodox Church
Squealer: Propaganda Ministry
Boxer & Clover: Workers(proletariat)
fierce dogs: Secret Police
Pinchfield: Germany
Manor Farm: Imperial Russia(1917)
Animal Farm: U.S.S.R.
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and discuss Orwell's theory on why communism and other dictator ruled governments fail eventually. Its critical to the plot and the way the book is written. His theory is touched slightly by my previous post.
Talk about the representation of a totalitarian society, shedding light on the "pigs" changing the basic animal laws established by the people. Be sure to expand on the corrupt nature of the ruling animals, and how they went from simple disciplinary methods to killing their own kin.
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hmm ok some good ideas here
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