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21 44%
27 56%
Voters: 48.
Both are great companies. With Carvin you get some options to make your guitar unique but PRS guitars are gorgeous and play AMAZING. It's really down to preference but the other thing I like about PRS is you can try it out before you buy it. I think it would suck having a custom made Carvin and then finding out it's not really what you were looking for.
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one that clicked this thread thinking I would learn how to make my guitar sound like a grizzly bear.
You can return a custom Carvin within 10 days too...

I love Carvins more than any other guitar I've ever played (which includes a PRS Custom 24 and McCarty).
PRS for looks, probably Carvin for comfort/playability. (if you cant try a carvin, get the PRS since you will be able to try it first)

I've yet to find a guitar that feels better than my DC-135 but there are quite a few i think look better.

You can customize the Carvin.

You can't customize the PRS.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
You know what they say..."Once you go Carvin, you'll still be a musician that's starvin."

Yeah I know. Not much rhymes with carvin.
Seriously, I'm in the band.
that's a hard one. I guess the only thing I would nitpick about is that the C22 humbuckers that come in the CT6 are totally not my bag.
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You can order the M22's substituted for the C22's, I think no charge. I voted for Carvin because I have owned one, the best guitar I have ever owned (got stolen.) I had it for over 25 years.
I am assuming the PRS costs a lot more, so I figured that into my poll answer. Good luck.
really? M22s no cost? My fave carvin pickups are the holdsworth pickups.

it's hard to put down carvin for their quality though. I owned an AE185, and other than the odd combination of electronics and pickups, it was great.
SAGA ST10, IBANEZ(s): '96 ZR140BK (korea), '96 RX20 (indonesia)
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Hi, 1st post here.

I'll be able to vote in late Oct/early Nov as I have ordered a CT324M from Carvin.

5 months ago I started playing after a more than 10 year lay off from guitar playing, music writting and more than casual music listening (but that is another tale).

I owned a 1987-88 PRS Custom (Pual himself could not place it when I met him but he lit up when he saw it) with the rotory pickup switch and the sweet switch.
She had a sweet tigerstripe finish, she was my main guitar from Nov 1991 till 98.
I sold her in 2001. ( Stupid but family needed money and I had lost the Fire.)

I've been paying a Greg Bennet Samick Strat and at first thought about making a Strat as a step up to a gigable guitar but as my technique has come back so has my preference for a 25" scale 24 fret neck and a carved top. (Fingers feel slightly stretched on the low frets of a Fender scale and bunched up on the high end of a Gibson scale neck.

Since a PRS custom 24 is way more than the $1850 I payed for one in 91, the fact I want an all mahog guitar with a fixed bridge and think a non intonation adjustable bridge is a dumb idea adding the fact they dont custom option guitars for the rest of us I decided to give Carvin a try. (A friend in the 90s had a Carvin V that was very nice.)

Back when I had the PRS, I would think about how I would like another PRS but not a custom and Carvin is making that possable for me.

I ordered the following

CT324M Tune O Matic Bridge (I only used the PRS trem for lowering the pitch. It stayed slammed and that was good at 2 gigs where I broke strings. I also hope the strings through body add to sustain and definition)

- Mahag body and neck. ( I love how SGs sound i.e. Paul Weller, Iommi, Townsend, COC and I figured since the PRS was like a brite SG...)

-Ebony fingerboard with block inlay. ( The birds were nice but the blocks looked better than the other options and I like the slightly sharper sound of ebony boards.)

-24 Med Jumbo Stainless Frets (This is the big leap of faith, but I've heard more good than bad about them.

- Metal covered pickups ( I sweat alot and I wanted a vintage vibe)

- Sperzal tuners (Hope they measure up to the old PRS locking tuners, I hate winding strings almost as much as guitars you have to retune more than once in 2 hours.)

- Vintage burst with black edges and back. Same colour headstock, metal hardware.

- Strap locks,Personalized truss rod cover tweed case.

Gonna set it up for standard pitch with GHS 10.5 - 48 Boomers on it and make it my main guitar.

I'll be back after she comes.
I've had both, and the CT that I had FAR outplayed the PRS guitar I've owned, including two custom 24s. Build quality was better, sounded better, and overall just felt like a more solid instrument.
Custom guitars, vintage amps, boutique pedals. Blah, blah, blah.
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Kind of a necropost, Darth Weller. This thread is more than three years old.

I hope you make a NGD for that CT though.
I found the thread and the site via a search. Since people still can buy both Gits nothing wrong with digging it up and seeing what comments are made.