Poll: Which colour scheme?
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Colour Scheme 1
2 2%
Colour Scheme 2
1 1%
Colour Scheme 3
43 52%
Colour Scheme 4
7 9%
Colour Scheme 5
3 4%
Colour Scheme 6
1 1%
Colour Scheme 7
20 24%
5 6%
Voters: 82.
Ok so I need to know which of these looks best as a Blue Ray player for A2 Graphics.

Please vote on the poll.

Any other suggestions welcomed.

Edit: The white one's are harder to see but design 5 and 7 are white
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WHaa?uhhh.. On nO!! Theres NO POLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: KK there is is wtf are these anyway?
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2 or 3 I'd say. But some people don;t seem to like vibrant colours on their technology...
Number 4 looks good to me
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Black and silver with Blue trim would be my colour of choice to go with my 52" Samsung HD.

Just so it matches well
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stitch them, and make a blue and black un
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What am I looking at? Seriously I have no idea. Internet tone makes this sound bad, what are those drawings of?
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3 or 7 is best of that lot, but they're all pretty awful.

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