In what? Sweeping, Tremolo picking, Alternate picking?
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Play with a metronome. Even though I find it very hard to do, starting slowly and playing with some form of click or stead beat (a drummer) is a great way to encouraging accurate playing. You don't become instantly faster like so many people say but you do become more accurate. Legato is the easiest way in my opinion to become fast. Work on improving your scales, learn songs with plenty of legato, hammer ons, slides etc. Be determined, and practise about two or three hours a day. You should be able to sweep pick at a speed of 100bpm at six notes per beat, tap similarly, legato faster, pick at about 80bpm, 6 notes per beat and so on. Don't be discouraged by anyone, learning should be fun and do it the way you want to!
practice your scales,chromatics. over time you will see that you improve, practice licks that require speed and practice.
Download the powertab of Constant Motion by Dream Theatre, slow it down and learn all the phrases in the whole song bit by bit and over a few months. Your sweep picking will be improved, your alternate picking will take the next step up and..well everything will be improved!
Also learn to play a Trivium song as best as you can, there's loads of techniques in their songs.


This is something I wrote that has helped me. It includes many different techniques. Do it slowly and with some sought of solid rythme in the background.
Find a section of a song a solo you like, and try and get it nailed. Play it for a couple of weeks or til you have it nailed. Then move on to one with a different style, but one you still like. Varying the styles extends your vocabulary of techniques, and allows you to pick and choose what you like to find your own unique style.
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Learn bebop melodies from a Real Book (Look for almost anything by Charlie Parker) at half speed and then work them up. It will challenge you both technically and stylistically.