My friend has this guitar on his wall, a bc rich rave II (not the ****tastic rave I, the little better rave II) with a H-S-S configuration, the pickups have rust on them but i could just put a new pair in. It neon orange (screams 80's) with a fender style tremlo bar that is in good condition. It lacks strap buttons (but i have some of them laying around here). It has a bolt on neck and the neck is actually pretty nice

The next time i go over his house, i'll get pictures and see if he is serious about selling it (he dosen't play and neither do his parents, its baisically just sitting there)

Baisically i want to know if this guitar sound like its worth buying and fixing up and how much should i give him for it.
I'm probably the biggest BC Rich fanboy on here, but I'd advise against buying one of the "Rave" series. Among BCR fans, they rate as the least desireable. Even less desireable than the Bronze series.
Keep an eye on pawn shops and garage/estate sales. There are deals to be had.