Alright I've got this thing but I can't really figure how to get a killer metal tone. I bought the metal pack. Granted I haven't read the whole manual but what do I need to know beyond adjusting the knobs???

Also, how do I use the tones on customtones.com (the line6 site)? I downloaded some files how do I stick them in my pod? I opened line6 monkey but didn't see anything obvious.

I think you need Line 6 edit to load the patches on to the POD. My advice? Read the whole manual. It's boring and long as hell but this is not exactly a plug and play device. Also, it's really useful to be able to adjust things on the fly if you plan on using it in a performance setting. Either that or just pick a high gain amp model and experiment with EQ, comp, semi-parametric EQ and the different stomp effects until you find something you like. It may take a long time to get it right but the POD is capable of many good sounds when it's tweaked right.
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