Im deciding to join jazz band, but I have no idea how to play normal sheet music. I have always played tabs, although I knew I would have to learn this sooner or later. Are there any tips on how to begin reading normal sheet music? How do you learn all of the notes on the fretboard? Also, there is a song Ive been looking at that has a lot of different chords. Do most people learn how to make the chords on the fly, or should I just look up and practice each individual chord. Thanks
lines can be rembered with Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, spaces with FACE, also to play a chord play all the notes in that key at the same time
Ok, but what about learning the notes on the fretboard. I know how to form the chords if I have to (it takes me quite a while) but I dont know the notes on the fretboard. How could I memorize it?
you just have to memorize it. as simple as that. start with notes on sixth string, and then you can see where the octaves are, and you can find all the patterns are on the rest of the strings.

Also chords:

you really onmly need to know 7th chords. If ever you get like, and F9, just play F7, or G#m11(b9#5) just play a G#m7, it works. but yeah later you are gonna need to know the actual chords, but for now that shall do.
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you just have to find the notes you know. you know the fifth fret of the e strings is an A(i hope you do). you know your open string notes. think of it as a piano laid flat. do you know how to read the notes on a piano?

as for learning chords the guy above me is right. learned your 7ths. and learn what makes a chord augmented as well as diminished. you can take a major chord and structure it into whatever chord youre gonna need as long as you know how chords word.. jazz does get intimidating, but its not so bad when you get goin. just practice buddy

oh and remember barre chords are your friend
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way back when i was in HS i was able to fake my way through the charts. most jazz band guitar parts are just rhythm. learn 7th, 9th, dim aug, and 13th chord shapes. take the charts home and practice any lead lines. nobody will ever know. i faked my way through 4yrs of jazz band. we always placed in first in the state finals , so i guess i wasn't that bad then. lol now don't ask me to read the lead lines, i might be a little rust, since that was over 25yrs ago. good luck and have fun on band trips
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You really should have learned the notes when you were first starting off, rather than just referring to the notes as the fret number they are. I did it that way, and memorizing the notes was very easy.

I dunno how you can learn them now, though.
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lines can be rembered with Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, spaces with FACE, also to play a chord play all the notes in that key at the same time

'haha i remember Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge and FACE from elementary school

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ok, im understanding it somewhat. I have a question. How do I know where to play when there are so many of the same note?