I have been learning how to play guitar pretty much solely on this course. I purchased the Complete Basic Course (Stages 1-6) and I am currently on Lesson 2o of Stage 4. I must say that this course is well worth the money.

It starts in Stage 1 that is designed for the complete beginner and goes to Stage 5 which is the most advanced. Stage 6 is a stage that teaches Music Theory and not so much Guitar Techniques as the other 5 focus mainly no, though he does scratch the surface a very little bit through the 5 stages that teach mostly techniques, licks, leads, etc.

Feel free to check out Doug Marks' web site, he created this course. The DVD's are sold here: www.metalmethod.com

- Deven
I, personally, think that anyone from beginner to intermediate should definitely get the whole course. Because the course is set up in a way that can teach something new to guitarists of all levels. Or so he states. I wouldn't know if its completely true because I only know what I have learned from it. I do not know what others know, obviously. Haha
It is true. I have been playing on and off for over 2 decades. When I was 17, I used Metal Method, but never kept at it. Girls and beer became more important for a while. About a year ago I started playing electric again, ordered the full course, and learned new things from the very first lesson of Stage 1. I am in Stage 4 now, and concurrently working over the MAB Jam Session, and SK series. Six months of Metal Method and I've made more improvement in 6 months than I had in the previous 20 years... hopefully I don't die of old age before reaching my personal goals

Yeah. I want to finish the Complete Basic Course, then order Classic Metal Licks and the Speed Series...Once I finish those I plan on taking a break from new material for a little while and just writing some music and mastering everything I have learned for a bit, too.

I can't wait. I'm still on Lesson Two of Stage 4, but I am making progress. I stopped for a little while..I would be done with the course by now.. But I stopped progressing for a couple of months and basically just lost it...now I'm only practicing 3 days a week and its not working but as soon as the cut on my finger heals up I'm gonna go back to 6 or 7 days a week putting things in full throttle.