so my tuner on my multi effects ME-50 has just been playing up lately. Now i've found you normally need a bit of patience with electronic tuners, however i'll be playing..sat the a string and it'll go crazy saying its an A F sharp etc etc, and just generally not working. Oh and it doesnt even pick up the low e string. I was wondering if its just a bit knackered because i got it a few years ago, or it might be something else....

my cables are fine too...so im really at a lost. I'd rather not have to buy a new tuner but if this problem persists i may have to
might be low on batteries, otherwise take it to a shop or get a new one.
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yeah, just get a real tuner. that tuner was just another little bit they threw on their to add to the laundry list of crap on those things. just be glad it wasn't one of the footswitches that broke.
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