Mine wanna see if you can snag a used one but a lot of people really dig those pedals.
If you wanted to play Dragonforce, you can just buy an old game boy at a garage sale. Lots cheaper than buying a Whammy.

But, seriously, sure, it should work. I don't believe in whammy effects (regular vibrato arm is enough for me), but it should work for you.
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i'd get if i had the money, and wasn't saving up for a talkbox
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I giggled when I read that you like dragonforce. I just spent a half hour trying to beat it on medium on GHIII.
It's ok. I've got one, but if you play alot of RATM it would be useful.
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I like RATM and Dragonforce, so I thought that this would work good. Is it worth it?

Its fun to play around with but personally I wouldn't use it enough to justify the price. Try to find one used. They're great pedals with some sweet sounds but like I said I just wouldn't use it enough to pay that much but if I did I would have gotten it a long time ago.
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