Yeah, my DigiTech Whammy IV Pedal squeaks and squeals like crazy. It's challenging to even use the pedal, like, pushing it back and forth. I've already returned it to Guitar Center once, they gave me a new one but they said this happens to all of them and you should just use it until it fixes. I was thinking of using some WD40. Any suggestions?
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not wd 40. use t20 i think its called, or t220. im not sure exactly but it is made specifically for electronics. look it up.
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or some vaseline, maybe. whenever you get wahs or whatnot, there's always that odd glob of lube on the thing, just stick some vaseline on it. or if all else fails, some icyhot?
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I think I had the same problem.
Take a socket wrench to the bolt under the treadle. If you loosen it, the squeals may stop.
That's what happened to me. Ever since i loosened it, it's been a dream to operate.

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Lithium grease works. Mind you my whammy has been perfect since day one.