Just wondering if there is a tuner that will tune Drop D or other tuning configurations because i have a tuner but it only tunes standard tuning
look for a chromatic tuner ... I can tune my guitar in whatever tuning I want with mine ... it just says which note it is, if I'm too high or too low from that note. Very useful for those who plays songs in 6 or 7 different tunings, with only 1 guitar ... ( also makes the high E string to break almost every month or so ... )
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so your tuner pix up d??? lol just tune the low e string to d. drop d! anything else will require a chromatic
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this thread makes no sense..

Anyway, spend some money on a good chromatic tuner, you may aswell get a pedal tuner while you're spending the money.. I recommend the Planet Waves pedal tuner for all your standard and alternate tuning needs.