Next year, i'm going to get my senior pictures taken.
I am having trouble coming up with good ideas, so that's where you come in, Pit!

I am going to get some taken in Texas when I go down there in the summer, and I wanted to (For sure) get some pics taken by the SRV memoral.

Call me Wes.
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I'm getting my senior pics taken sometime this summer. Last school year, a friend got his senior pics of him sitting in a chair backwards...pretty random, but funny as sh*t when you saw it compared to everyone else's serious ones.
I got them taken with my guitar.... yeah.
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go to a lake or an abandoned building or something

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Perform Goatse.

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walking along a beach doing a heel-click, picture taken from behind

abondonded train yards usually take good pictures.
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Whatever but if I was to rate the austinaracadium he gets a 10.

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ride a bear!
see jackoffjill's profile pic

put on a gorilla costume without the mask

or just the mask, no costume...?
Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the cake this morning!

yeah, that's an inside joke. i made it different colors and sizes to be obnoxious...
find a swing, have the person taking the picture stand behind you. make sure there are some directional references available, like trees/buildings. swing full up, so far that you turn upside down. take the picture at that exact point. turn the picture upside down.

that's what i did for mine, it's awesome. i won best pic.
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