hey, my first post on here.

anyway, my Gibson SG fell, and the neck snapped :'(. so while its being repaired my friend let me borrow his fender mustang. its in DIRE need of new strings. i have no clue what im doing with this thing, and i cant find anything on google or yahoo or what ever. if any one can help me out here it would be greatly appreciated!
Hey steve haha

Instead of sticking it "through" a hole in the tuning peg, you bend the string "down", and insert the end of the string into the peg. You then hold it tight with the thumb of your hand, while turning the peg to tighten the string.

Cut off any excess string you think you're going to have before you insert the end of the string into the peg.
Don't cut off too much though, those vintage style tuners need more wraps. If you're used to putting 2 wraps around the peg it will fall out of tune. Leave enough string for like 4-5 wraps.
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haha thanks dude. i figured it out before i even checked back here. but i appreciate it.