I know this is a Wall of Text but here me out. These movies are truly sickening and im hoping people agree with me. Theres just something about movies like Never Back Down and the wretched You Got Served that really burn me up. Rich white kids from the burbs turn ghetto dancer? Rich white kid from the burbs turns into some badass underground fighter? Does any of this seem realistic? Now I know theres gonna be a bunch of people posting on this telling me how stupid i am and that i should go die, but i ujust hope you likers of those movies and movies like it or tv shows for that matter see the error of your ways
100% agree. I hate all movies like that.
The boxing movie you were talking about seem to be JUST like rocky, but with street fighting not prize fighting.
It requires no creativity or thought to spawn a box-office devouring, culture humping *****-movie dripping with crap and the stench of guilt. (That's these movies)
what directors are trying to do now is to find the next movie that could be just as good as the Rocky films. too bad nothing will ever come close to them.
someone needs to make one where a rich white kid, who lives in the burbs, stays at home, goes to college, gets ****in trashed , and still becomes a ceo of a corrupt corporation, thats realistic