ok so i have had my guitar for about 4 months now and somethings are getting annoying like the hum from my pickups and how it's always echoey on the clean setting on my amp. So i'm taking it in to GC in a few days so i was wondering should i upgrade my guitar (which i will have around $300 to spend) or just fix it so it won't do these things.

Ibanez GSA60 guitar
perri blue lighting strap
Digitech RP250 pedal
Marshall MG30 Amp

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what kind of guitar is it?

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if you can get rid of your current one for a bit of cash, definitely upgrade.
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echoey on the clean setting? you sure it's not reverb or delay on your amp? and hum is normal for some guitars, like strats/teles.
Id upgrade
for 300 you can get a decent epi or squier
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