So I've been playing for about 2 1/2 years, and i think im ready to get a new guitar. I currently have a generic strat look-a-like, and have looked at either an SG or an Ibanez.
Epiphone put out a new line of Sg's with a maple quilt top with either gibson or EMG umbuckers. They are at epiphone.com
Go For The SG, Man they are the best. If you're gonna get one make sure you know if u want a bigger neck or a slimmer neck
the choice, really, is going to depend on what you are, and are going to,play.
Budget...probably under a grand, so the Epiphone G400 sounds good.
I pretty much like to play various things, rock, blues, metal, etc., so i don't think that any one guitar would make or break my playing.
ibanez S series like the SV5470f or the S520EX.
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Ok, do you know how much they run for usually. As we speak, i have 24 dollars to my name, so i would have to save up, meaning at this point price isn't THAT big of a deal.