It looks great actually, looking at the specs, i would go for it, but I'd try to find one to play, check guitarcenter.com
Looks decent, from the specs.

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Yeah, it looks great. Btw, that and musiciansfriend.com were the first places I checked.

Edit: That's kind of why I'm checking, passives aren't my favorite.
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specs look really good...just wonder what quality control is like. Should be a pretty damn good guitar though.
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Quality control from Schecter is usually really good. They have the guitars built and set-up in Burbank, California, so at least it's done by Americans. Oh, and ignore my sig. I'm unbiased
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Everything looks ok to me but I would not trust the trem to be good qualilty. Also don't know what Lacewood is, but its pretty and probably doesn't make much difference in the sound. I'd try before buy.
I think its fairly new. I do a lot of window shopping on the net and I have never seen it before.
I found it the other day, because I was really bored. Also I think the lacewood (whatever the hell that is) is just cosmetic, it says the body is mahogany.