basically my friend recorded us at a gig and the file is too big to send via email, and it doesn;t wanna send over msn i wanna hear how we sounded at our first gig, so is there another way he could send it tonight? if not i will have to wait to get a cd or tranbsfer it using flashmemory or an ipod
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Put it on a CD.
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megaupload or something
cmon dude, theres alot of technology at your disposal.

For free, you could do this. Get your friend to get a copy of WinRAR - preferably pirate a professional version - it's like 3MB. Right click the video file - or audio, whatever - and click "Add to archive" and then shrink the file into about 18-19MB files and then send over email. Well last time I sent a file Gmail could only support 20MB attatchments. If the file's like 500MB or something then **** that **** and do as the guys above.