Ok, so I was just playing guitar and I noticed this weird noise coming from my guitar. I think it takes a fairly good ear but I know it's certainly there.

When I strike the strings with my pick, which is a nylon Dunlop pick, and I hear a screaching sound right about the exact time it hits the string and I don't think it should be there... I've tried to change the tone on my amp, my guitar, and my distortion and it's still there. Could it be my pickups? Maybe the pick? Or something else.
If ur ears aint ringin...ur doin it wrong

It's your picking technique. When you pick you scratch your string a little.

EDIT:I just read that it said "screaching"...I don't know what is causing that.
The noise sort of mimics tht of a harmonic.
If ur ears aint ringin...ur doin it wrong

Does it sound like feedback, but it goes away instantly?

I had this, and I got a new chord and it fixed it.
Probally like posted above.. To much angle on the pick

Example: ------/------ / is pick vs --------_-------- _ is pick
You want to be closer to this _ then this /
For speed a slight alteration helps.. so inbetwen _ and /

I has had the same issue and it was scratching the string for a split second before plucking. Bad technique on my part i took what they said about angle'ing the pick for speed to heart and over compensated lol
Really? Ok but listen to this. (Please don't take this in a cocky way I'm just debating)

There is a lesson on guitarmasterclass.net (Kris Dahl's website) and he shows to hold the pick at a fairly sharp angle.

I'll get the link here in a sec.

EDIT: There is a picture near the middle of the page to explain what I'm talking about here.
If ur ears aint ringin...ur doin it wrong

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