Well, a music store near here is closing down (to move to a much bigger store) so they had a huuge sale, everything from 20% to 60% off.

So, while I'm not as rich as that, there was one guitar that caught my eye, one I had played in the store the last 5 or 6 times I had gone in, with a 40% off sale on it.

PS Clip of me playing added: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=n6ATYQ578zQ

I figured I needed a nice hollow or semihollow one of these days.. it plays great, and sounds warm pure and articulate. I paid about 600 for it (whereas normally in canada it would have cost me about 900 total..)
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Holy ****ing sexy.

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Fine tuners?! Awesome inlays?! Man that's one nice Ibanez!
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Beautiful...and that's not even my style...I don't rly like semi-hollows...my shop has one, and I play it a lot when I'm there b/c it's loud enough to hear good, without plugging in...it's a small shop so I dont make much noise...lol
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Oh my good God, that's beautiful......I am so incredibly jealous....
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That, my friend, is a sexy guitar. Congrats!

Eventually I'd like to get a nice hollowbody electric. Maybe that B.C. Rich Dagger... it looks pretty sweet and I've heard good things about it.
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Damn, that's sweet! Makes me feel like gettin' all Brian Setzer up in this joint!
If you are looking for a BC Rich Dagger, check with Larry at www.beatstreetmusic.com, I think he had a good deal on a couple from last year.
Its strange. This is one of those guitars that I absolutely don't even feel like playing with distortion. Which is alright, I have 2 other guitars which are set up pretty much for their distorted tone, so this one is a breath of fresh air.
Nice! i have an artcore to its the singlecut one with a bigsby (AFS75T)
they are the sex aren't they?
congradulations on the new axe though.
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I love Ibanez' natural hollowbodies; they're just so damn good looking.
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oh wow, that looks amazing.
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