I need some riffs to start out with to make some songs. Maybe 6/10 on the difficulty scale.

oh and This is for Rock and Metal songs
ummmm......maybe write your own?

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but you'll need to make the rythm yourself.

if your looking for inspiration just go look up other artists music and analze it and get ideas from there, no ones just gonna hand you a good riff to build a song on. it gotta come from you if you wanna call it your song.
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The only way to make riffs you know you can play is to make them yourself.

Pick up your instrument, pick a note to start on and play.
The coolest riffs come from just jamming and saying, "I like that." That's the way I always come up with any of my own riffs. It's not something where I just sit down and say, "Okay, I'm going to write the next big hit right now." Not to mention the fact that noone's going to hand you a good riff on the internet...
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