well, im needing a new guitar since i just ruined my old one by being an idiot with mates

wasn't very smart but anywho.
i need something with a good metal sound.
i've been looking around and i got my eyes on this so far http://cgi.ebay.com.au/2008-DEAN-DIMEBAG-RAZORBACK-SHARDS-GRAPHIC-ELE-GUITAR_W0QQitemZ190203722106QQihZ009QQcategoryZ2384QQcmdZViewItem

just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions?
That guitar is trash IMO. Check out ESP LTDs, Jacksons, and Ibanezes. I just picked up an EC-1000 and it screams.
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Jackson RR? Gibson Explorer? Dean Z?
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Saving for Bugera 333 $300 / $599 :|

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Schecter Hellraiser?
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This is UG, we love Schecters and Ibanez and Jacksons, we hate Deans and BCR's, we hate Marshall MG's, and everyone needs a new amp.
Hey man

Schecter, dean, esp, ibanez, les pauls(not good for shred, but a great guitar), prs, etc
Just go guitar center or a local music shop and try out every guitar you can get your hands on. There will be one that calls to you. (one of the Cheesiest things I have ever said ) But seriously, one will just plain feel good.
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