Ive been playing guitar for about 3 years, and just started playing with a group of people (pathetic, I know). I noticed that I am horrible at finding/keeping time. When I would play alone, I would just play along with the song or just be off in my own little world, but now that its with a group of people who are more experienced with me, I really need to work on my timing.

I need some simple songs that might help me find/keep time better. any suggestions?
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Practice with a metronome, click-track, powertab, or something like that.

Yeah I have. Its pretty sad cause I dont think I can even find how a song fits. Like I tryted seven nation army even, and I got: 1 2 and 3 and 4-- but then the and which comes after the 4 is too close then the actual way the song plays. That probably makes no sense, but yeah, Im horribly lost I guess.
Download Power Tab and learn how to read music that way. It takes a while but its how I did it. It was free and you learn a lot.
yeah. metronome is the way to go in my opinion.

but then again..you can always just learn to play drums if you want to get better rhythm.
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^That's 16th notes.

Find a lesson on google about rhythm. It will help you a whole bunch in figuring out how to play in time.

yer thats what i did, you gotta learn how rythm works and is created and then you can just tap your foot and your all good.
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You know, it might sound funny, but learning the melody/lead of traditional folk/spiritual/etc like Marianne, Battle Hymn of The Republic, Angels We Have Heard on High, etc, etc, etc....REALLY helped me with my count and are the simplest songs you can ever find.

Without someone to back you, the deceivingly simple syncopation of those songs can really through you off unless you have that count down. And these songs are slow. It's always good to practice keeping tempo slow. Faster is always easier.

Look up Hal Leonard's Guitar Method Book 2. (its like $10) It was the most ego-shattering, humbling book I've ever used. HIGHLY recommend it
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Download powertab and play along with the tab. It has a metronome option too so you can hear how the clicks fit in with the music. After practicing with the ptab a lot, try and play with JUST the click.

Thats what I did and I now can read music, play along with a click, and have written tones of riffs and solos on it. Best 5 euro ever!