hey guys,
my friend has about 2000-3000 bucks to spend on a guitar but he doesnt know which one to buy he wants the following specs:
Tremolo(OFR,ZR,edge pro)
Bolt on or neck thru
Dimarzio pick-ups
have any idea on which guitar he should buy?
i was thinking a Ibanez S series or a Jackson Soloist.
and suggestions?
thanks JP and JN

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Fail. Get a PRS.
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I'd go with a Carvin DC400, EB JP sig, Parker Fly, custom shop Ibanez, ESP Horizon II standard, ESP M standard...

What amp does he have? I'd rather have (out of $3000) a kickass amplifier than a kickass guitar.
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+1 to the amp. Get a decent guitar and a sweet amp.
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