Does anyone know of wesbites for custom electric guitars? I looked at Ran Guitars and it was good but I noticed it was in Poland. Has anyone bought from there? Also I'm not looking to build it myself but rather someone else. I was mainly interested in an RG shape.

Not exactly what you're getting at, maybe, but that's what I think of. You buy all the pieces, and put it together independetly.
I'm not in the mood to search but I remember one time I found a GREAT site on google or yahoo. Just keep exploring the net.
theres some guy on here who makes REALLy nice guitars, his name starts with O or something, but he's in australia
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Ormsby. He makes really great guitars, at reasonable prices ($2100 is the starting price), and the shipping worldwide is only something like $120 I think (Don't quote me on that).
Alright thanks. If I do it independently can you guys recommend places to have it sent for custom graphics.