i want some new pickups but im low on funds
what can i get thats good for cheap

im looking for the best quality at the lowest price
what kinda amp do you have?
what styles of music do you play?
why do you want new pups?
First off, what amp, what style you play, what guitar do you have?

There's some winders on ebay who do great *custom* work for very cheap. You have to find the hobbiest winders though. You can find strat sets for 90 bucks each. For winders who have a semi-successful company, they'll charge higher.
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If you want cheap pups, check out GFS pups.
They have a pretty good reputation here, some rave about them, but some dislike them.
They're pretty cheap, around $30 per pup.
If your amp sucks though, new pups aren't gonna do much good.