Is there a recommended site online for learning to play? I go to my daughter's lessons and come home and practice and I have some CD-based stuff, Guitar for Dummies, etc. but I was wondering if there were other places I could go to get instruction. Thanks in advance.
what are you looking to learn?

click on my sig for a cool site. it has alot of free content, and if you want to learn some classic solos note for note.... they can be subscribed to. The price is very inexpensive compared to any other site.
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this has a lot of good info www.cyberfret.com and ultimate guitar has great instruction if you just look in the columns

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you can find a ton of lessons with vid and mp3 on torrents, cool stuff and lots of it. message me if you need help finding any
To learn the basics I would really recommend a professional guitar teacher (well, not necessarily professional, just one that knows what he/she's doing ). I used to live in the Netherlands and my guitar teacher taught me a ton of classical music and blues, and some Spanish music, but all the techniques I learned really helped. Start with an acoustic guitar, is my recommendation, and once you can play pretty good get an electric. Once you get an electric guitar or you know a lot of techniques, you can search for song tabs which are basically a diagram of the guitar's neck, that shows you how to play a song. Then listen to the song on YouTube or something to know how fast to play it.
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