alright, I want a rotary pedal. I notice the control pots are pretty numerous and rather vague.

first off, it has a SLOW knob and a FAST knob. Why do they have 2 seperate pots?

what's the difference of the 2?

secondly, what does RAMP mean?

someone answer these questions, and explain the controls to me
there are two settings, one which is fast and the other is slow. When you press the ramp button, it will change between the two, but instead of merely changing, it will either speed up or slow down, like a ramp. And you keep referring to a certain pedal, but I have no idea which you refer to.
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a bit late for me to post back, but the thread's still here so...

okay, I get that part.

what about controls like DOPPLER, CROSSOVER, etc.?