its soon to be my 4th year as a guitar player, and i have to say im in love with my equipment. its not the total best, but it has worked for me live and jamming in my room.

My Schecter is my 2nd guitar, and i'm happy to say that i dont want to replace it until the body is completly broken.

I'm not into buying a new guitar, so i was thinking of replacing most of the parts that are on the guitar.

I like the tune-o-matic bridge and string thru archtop body, and the machine heads so ill leave those, but i want to change the pickups, possibly to EMGs, as well as replacing the volume knobs, tone knobs and input jack.

*Do you need to have a tone knob on the guitar or can i replace it to become a seperate volume knob for one pickup (so there is an independant knob for each pickup)

*The EMG setup i was wanting to go for was an 81 and 60, are they better than an 81 and 85 paired together?

*i have a few scratches (most are deep, only seen if light is directly on it), is it expensive to get a pro to refinish it? Or is it possible for someone like me to do it, i didnt think i could because the body is archtop, so i could sand off the arch, ruining the body.

sorry for all the questions, but i've had these thoughts in my mind for a long time and if these ideas are good to go, ill follow through and upgrade the guitar to be my dream guitar.
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