my dentist says i have to get my wisdom teeth out anytime between now and june. im trying to put it off as long as possible cuz im pretty nervous. Should i just do it now or wait?

and have any of you done it and is it bad or not?
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I had it done. It hurts like a bitch, especially if your a pussy like me.
Do it now, get it out of the way. I was in a chair under anesthesia for 1 and 1/2 hours for all 4 wisdom teeth, with no pain then, and 2 days afterwards stoned out of my gourd on Vicodin. Its not a bad ordeal.
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Do it now. I waited, and my insurance dropped me.
Now I'm probably going to have to pay to have it done.
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Lemme tell ya man, it's nothing. I had all four out at once. It was about an hour long thing for me, and I was under anesthesia for it too. I'm so horrible when it comes to docs, and it was nothing at all. I was in a bit of discomfort for the first couple days, but like The Leader said, I was fucked beyond belief on vicodin. I was eating normal solids after about 4-5 days. Get 'em out sooner than later, it's not as bad as anyone will tell you.
got mine done on friday, its not that painful, all you ahve to do is go in, they put you under, and you wake up a little out of it and swollen. just ice it the day of and take your meds and youll be fine.

EDIT: i had all four out as well
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i just got that done this weekend. it hurts a lot the first day, but they'll give you vicodin or something of the likes, the second day you'll still be in pain, not as bad though. the third day still hurts a bit, and u can start eating slightly harder foods, after 4-5 days you can eat most foods, though i still cant eat anything too hard/crunchy (this is my 5 day) a plus side is you pretty much only eat ice cream, milkshakes, pudding, apple sauce, etc. for 2-3 days
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