Yes!! i am excited!! I have modded a bunch of guitars with new pickups and trus adjustments and new trems and all that jazz. Tonight I did my first "boutique" mod! I did a 18v mod on a new set of EMGs in my Dean Vendetta 3.0!!! For those of you who don't think this mod makes a difference, let me tell you!! I have a Jackson ps3t Rhoads that has the EMG 81 in the bridge and the 89 in the neck unmodded (I put them in myself but it doesn't have the 18v mod i'm saying). I took my Ibanez RG4EXQM out first, muddy as hell in the lows, clear as day in the highs (never changed the amp settings in this test) then I took my Jackson with unmodded EMG's, still muddy in the low but a bit clearer, the highs were nice and bright! The came Lolo, My flip pearl Dean Vendetta 3.o, emg 85 in the neck, 81 in the bridge with the 18v mod.............. gdamn.......... clear as a bell skipping across a clear blue lake!!! Even with the gain on 10, clear...best thing I ever did!! but this ain't for no noobs!!! if you do this mod all of your mistakes will shine through!! this is an easy mod, but only for the seasoned, know your piece before attempting!
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