Sounded nice, but what was that weird change at 30 seconds or so? I think I like the second half better, sounded catchy and melodic.

A bass part would add another nice layer to this, see if you can get a bass friend to lay a part down for you.

Sounds cool, C4C?

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i just heard the most amazing solo ever. it's in a song called "holiday" by green day. its even harder than some of blink 182s stuff!! im gonna learn this solo right now! give it a listen, its really good sounding and not too easy.
great clean tone and layering here at the start. a couple of notes sound a bit off beat.
nice melody part. i like your work with delay on the second part. i agree with morgan, i like this part more, a tighter sound and bouncy feel.
things to work on? well, write more of it, the song cuts off, figure out a better way to transition the two parts. practise the melody on the first half more working on timing especially. a few notes sounded like you forgot little parts of it and remembered them at the last moment. otherwise, its a great song idea.

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i love the effects etc u use at the beginning and the guitars over laid each other, but as others said there is a wierd change thing where theres a gap which you should really edit out, the second half gets a little boring but i think drums, bass and maybe singing would improve it, the first half is better IMO, i can imagine a vocal line over the top of it though and it would sound gd, keep up the gd work, i also liek your breath song

could you crit mine please http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=808371

the song is actually 2 songs put together from different time periods so I didnt really put them together.