I was wondering, how much of your sound is effected by your amp? How much of a difference would there be if you went to a completely different amp?
So if I changed amps, how much sound difference would there be?

Like, alot.

An amp makes up like 80% or more of your tone.
Like, If you played (for example) a Gibson Les Paul Standard through a practise amp, it'll sound like a guitar through a practise amp.
Plug it into a nice Laney, Marshall, ENGL or whatever, and it'll sound amazing.
Plug a crap guitar into a nice amp, and you'll still be able to coax some reasonable sounds out of it.

So, to answer the question, there'd be a lot of difference in sound.

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Well ive gone from a Peavey studio pro 112 thing, to a marshall AVT100 to a Marshall DSL100.

So basically it's gone from: Quite ****, to reasonably ****, to pretty damn nice.

In the near future Ill get my hands on a Soldano HotRod and things will be blissfull.

So there's a pretty significant difference with changing amps. If I was to go out and buy a Randall or Orange, my sound would be a lot different and most likely wouldn't suit what I do.